Staff Update 23rd June 2020


To:All Staff
From:Andrew Hulcoop
Date:23rd June 2020

The announcement that was made earlier this week about an element of restructuring and possible redundancies being a consequence of this, is never a nice thing to do. We also said that we planned to keep the period of uncertainty to an absolute minimum and to restore the confidence to those unaffected as quickly as possible.

I’m now able to confirm that the consultation process has commenced and those who maybe affected have all been spoken to. If we’ve not had a conversation with you directly, your position within the business isn’t one that we are considering making redundant.

Whilst I’m sure this is welcome news to many, I would ask you to be supportive of those around you who aren’t as fortunate and are currently in the midst of the consultation period.

We will send further communication next week and advise you of the outcome of any restructuring that has taken place within the business.